Lawn care

Le Génie en Herbe offers several all-inclusive maintenance plans. These various plans are customized to suit your maintenance or treatment needs. Leave it to us to recommend the best!

Trees and shrubs

Le Génie en Herbe looks after your trees and shrubs by analyzing and respecting aesthetics, security, health, the practical side of maintenance, and more. Take advantage of the expertise of our certified horticultural specialists.


Le Génie en Herbe offers various landscaping services, such as sidewalks, interlocking paving stones, patios, and the planting of trees, bushes and perennials. For your landscaping, nothing is left to chance.

Outdoor cleaning

Outdoor cleaning and maintenance require time and remain essential to the beautification of your green space. Le Génie en Herbe offers various maintenance services that will allow you to spend your time on your personal and professional interests. Let us do the maintenance and cleaning, and you will gain more free time!

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